Drinks and Conversation at The Louisiana!

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    Exhibitions are public displays of art and design curated by a local gallery, museum, or organization.

  • When & Where

    • Sep 24: 5:30-8:30pm

    2305 University Ave., San Diego
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    Architecture, Culinary
Drinks and Conversation at The Louisiana!

Join in on a conversation at the courtyard of The Louisiana, a building designed by architect Jeff Svitak. At this event, guests will learn how the climate of San Diego, the context of the neighborhood, and user experience influenced the design of the building. The architect will explain how this project has shaped the design methodology of his practice and approach to multi-family family work throughout the city.

Afterward, we’ll open the floor to Q&A, take a tour of multiple units and end with drinks at the “Louisiana Purchase” an award-winning Cajun-inspired restaurant also designed by Jeff Svitak.

If you wish to join us for dinner after the event we strongly suggest reserving a table at the Louisiana Purchase Restaurant to guarantee a table. We anticipate the event to end around 8:30.

About the host

Jeff Svitak Inc.

Jeff Svitak brings a hands-on approach to architecture, engages in design, development, and construction, seeking to create truly meaningful and lasting architectural environments. While each project carries its own unique concepts, all the work is heavily influenced by spatial nuances that link to the emotions of their inhabitants.