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    Exhibitions are public displays of art and design curated by a local gallery, museum, or organization.

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Simply San Diego

Join Emma Woolcott, student of art and architecture at University of San Diego, for an imagining of San Diego as a film festival! Filled with digital movie posters and advertisements of the people and places that bring the magic to San Diego.

This experience will showcase San Diego small businesses, events, and entrepreneurs as a movie poster, highlighting “cover-worthy” spaces, places, and people as tribute to a city of growth. The movie posters and photos share how people creatively reinvented parts of San Diego in a way that touches the community.

  • 5th Ave | San Diego Gaslamp Quarter is an area of vibrance and history. It plays into the culture of San Diego in a way that continually sees growth.
  • Caylee Cakes | As a fellow student, Caylee is an inspiration to follow your goals but also have fun on the way there. (Plus makes amazing vegan bakes!)
  • Deft | Through many different taps on hand and a fun hops race every summer – this brewery was the spot for a good time.
  • White Rice | I found out about White Rice through Instagram ordering, and I have seen them come so far since then – the combination of social justice work and food creates inspiration for all.
  • Lost Cause | A neighbor of USD, I was introduced to Mead and now I will not be going back. The bottling graphics and space to grow is a lovely environment.
  • Market on 8th | San Diego is more than what is shown on the postcard – and this year I spent a lot of time at this market – a cultural magnificence of culinary and arts.
  • Pure Project | Sustainable beer was my first find here in San Diego – and thus began my love for the city. I owe it all to Pure Project.
  • The Neighborhood | A causal bar downtown that deserves all the love. Take your friends and have a swell time.
  • Acento Roasters | The woodwork and coffee smells are two of my favorite things. And this little joint has both – and had me coming back again and again.
  • The Chair | Each cover is hand-picked out by the barbers that represent their personalities and likes. They truly inspire artists to use every space they can to just be yourself.
  • The Garden | The space that unites many of the places here: the garden inspires local businesses to work together and collaborate, creating a wonderful space for the community to use.
  • Lofty Coffee | An architectural concrete magnificent, lofty coffee has been a staple homework spot and people watching space in little Italy.
  • SD Basketball | Sunset hoops on top of the Hyatt. Nothing is more inspirational than teamwork.
  • The Shop | The space that unites many of the places here: the garden inspires local businesses to work together and collaborate, creating a wonderful space for the community to use.
  • San Diego Parks | Beautiful and not too far away. A city filled with public green spaces only supports children of all ages to dip their heads in fountains.
  • Curryosity | Might I say an absolute sensational experience in South Park. Inspiring people to try new flavor combinations that surprise you (in the best way possible).
  • Los Patios | A pop of color in Barrio Logan – Los Patios incorporates traditional Spanish style living with passive techniques to San Diego. Celebrating culture through development.
  • Post Pandemic Front Porch Jazz | This small group of musicians brought joy during a time of loneliness – simply because they wanted to connect with the community again. Slow dancing and wine in front of their house made for some perfect nights.
  • Soul Sunday | A community of people who spend one Sunday a month truly inspiring each other to take time for themselves and hype each other up.
  • Underbelly | Might one say – a vibe – Underbelly is truly a unique experience for diners through atmosphere, architecture, and sensational sensory overload.
  • Alejandro | One man, one beautiful voice. I would hear him playing in my apartment complex back during the lockdown – and now continue to see him play in various places around San Diego.
  • The Vinyl | South Park walks at night was a dreamy vibe. Searching for music to bring back to the apartment was in itself one of the best adventures I have been on.
  • San Diego Markets | San Diego Markets have always been a place to unwind, meet wonderful people, and get inspired by people’s creations.
  • Curryosity (Again) | South Park houses a much-needed sensation that you are home. With the home-cooked meals, families galore, and perfectly positioned sunsets – this area is like no other.
  • The Hall | Wander down the hallway to true bliss – mead and art that blows your mind.

About the host

Emma Woolcott

Emma Woolcott, a student of art and architecture at University of San Diego, started graphic designing when a health setback postponed her Master’s degree. In recovery, she started engaging with local culture reminding her that life brings passion. Now she is reconnecting with her creative roots through a homage to the entrepreneurs that engaged her to continue designing. She is attending Washington University in St. Louis to pursue her Master’s in Architecture and Urban Design as a Sam Fox scholar and ambassador.