Tijuana Mosaico

  • What this is

    Exhibitions are public displays of art and design curated by a local gallery, museum, or organization.

  • When & Where

    • Sep 24: 1-4pm

    Seaside Papery in Coronado, CA. 1162 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118
  • Tags

    Interior, Landscape, Urban, Craft, Architecture
Tijuana Mosaico

Tijuana Mosaico by VICU by Olivia Arreguin & Leigh Suarez

Join us for a free exhibition of a fiber art mural by Olivia Arreguín and Leigh Suarez portraying the diversity of Tijuana's urban design. Attendees are welcomed to share their experiences and thoughts on the city's diverse style with the makers.

About the host

VICU by Olivia Arreguin & Leigh Suarez

VICU is a slow production interior design house, working with wool for more than a decade and invested in elaborating sustainable, quality, timeless pieces. Sourced from high-mountain farms, the sheep wool is processed at a local mill with ​a half-century of tradition. VICU is proud to offer original designs using a signature combo of fiber art techniques and exclusive color selection.