Guided Tour

  • What this is

    Enjoy a guided tour organized by local creatives.

  • When & Where

    • Sep 24: 9am

    Meet at the UCSD Park & Market public courtyard at the SW corner of Park and G, and we will walk and roll around San Diego together.
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    Experience, Education, Urban, Research
Guided Tour

Have you ever wondered if your pedestrian experience could be better?

Tune in for a 3-part event that includes studying examples of great street design, a walk (or roll - wheelchairs are welcome), an evaluation of Downtown San Diego’s streets all while contributing to better street design in the community.

Interactive walking tour and collaborative crowdsourcing to be live streamed on Instagram, @walknrollsd.

Part I: Local Discovery

Show footage of well-designed streets that are:

- Safe for pedestrians and those who roll (whether on a bike, in a wheelchair, on a skateboard, on a scooter, or with a baby stroller)

- Beautiful, vibrant urban places

- Accessible to all people

- Differentiated from roads and freeways

- Summarize Walk ‘n’ Roll San Diego’s take on the top five principles of good street design

Part II: Interactive Walking Tour

Livestream on TikTok on @walknroll [using our gimbal]

Walk together along accessible San Diego streets, including:

- A few that aren’t great, e.g. 3-lanes one way with traffic moving too fast, super-wide, unstriped intersections for pedestrians to cross

- A few that are getting better, such as the recently improved cycle tracks on 5th and 6th Avenues and J Streets

- Ask participants to observe and share what they are noticing about what’s working and not working in San Diego

Part III: post-event follow-up Collaborative

We will invite people to bring attention to streets of concern in their communities by sending videos to @walknroll or posting to their own TikTok, and we will ‘stitch’ with their posts. We will also share our Intersection Rating Form with attendees so they can participate in our crowdsourced campaign to evaluate every intersection in San Diego by 2024!

About the host

Walk n Roll San Diego

Walk n Roll San Diego is an advocacy group founded by Chloé Lauer and Manny Rodriguez. Their mission is to walk San Diego and gather support for remaking our streets into safe and inspiring places for all people, whether they walk, bike, roll, or use transit. Their vision is for San Diego to create a beautiful network of streets and become the safest city in the nation for pedestrians and cyclists.