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SDDW Special Edition Series: Holistic Inspiration Through the Senses

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SDDW Special Edition Series: Holistic Inspiration Through the Senses

Acompaña a Rachel Larraine Crawford de DESIGN COVEN y presentadora del podcast 'Bewitching the Home' en una serie de episodios de edición especial entrevistando a creativos locales de San Diego. Vive el espíritu de la inspiración a un nivel holístico a través de los sentidos humanos de la vista, el tacto, el gusto, el olfato, el sonido y la atención plena.Cada día durante San Diego Design Week, Rachel va a entrevistar a una persona diferente. Toma nota del programa en la parte de abajo.

Podcast Schedule

Sept 13: A Sneak Peek into San Diego Design Week with Featured Artist Denja Harris

Sept 20: Exploring Inspiration through Mindfulness with Artist Carly Ealey

Sept 21: Exploring Inspiration through Sight with Designer Paul Basile of Basile Studio

Sept 22: Exploring Inspiration through Sound with Emmy-winning Composer Kenseth Thibideau

Sept 23: Exploring Inspiration through Taste with Executive Chef of Animae Tara Luansing Monsod

Sept 24: Exploring Inspiration through Smell with Tea Master Blender Amy Truong of PARU

Sept 25: Exploring Inspiration through Touch with Hotelier and Designer Anke Badack of Twelve Senses Retreat in Encinitas

About the host

Rachel Larraine Crawford

Rachel Larraine Crawford is a Design Mystic who creates sacred space through Holistic Interior Design and Feng Shui practices. The host of the design podcast Bewitching the Home, Rachel empowers her community to align their home spaces energetically to their higher selves. She is the founder of the DESIGN COVEN, a membership mentorship program for aspiring Holistic Interior Designers.

With 17+ years experience in the field, Rachel aims to be the initiator of a spark that helps her clients and students feel liberated, open, and expansive. Since earning her Associate's Degree and Certificate in Interior Design in 2005 and being certified in Classical Flying Stars Feng Shui through the International School of Feng Shui, she has created and collaborated on a multitude of award-winning residential and commercial spaces, including the Realm of the 52 Remedies (with Onairos Design).