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Nissan Design America - Architectural Tour of a Hidden Icon in San Diego's Golden Triangle

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    Studio Tours give a look inside the studios of public artists and designers around San Diego and Tijuana.

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    • Sep 23: 4-5pm

    9800 Campus Point Drive, San Diego, CA 92121
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    Product, Architecture, Experience, Industrial, Sustainability
Studio Tours
Nissan Design America - Architectural Tour of a Hidden Icon in San Diego's Golden Triangle

Hidden in plain sight, Golden Triangle’s best-kept secret is Nissan Design America (NDA), which has been operating at its Campus Point location for the past 40 years, influencing the designs of more than 70 Nissan and INFINITI vehicles and concept cars. NDA is a division of Nissan North America, Inc.

Designed to be a “creative sandbox” for designers and purpose-built to serve the unique needs of multi-faceted automotive design work, including exterior and interior sketching, CMF design, virtual/physical design model building, fabrication, and painting, NDA is a home to some of the top talents in the industry. David Woodhouse, Vice President of NDA, says the building and location embody the spirit and mission of NDA and bring inspiration to his team. The facility was designed by two local architects: Ken Ronchetti (original building, 1982) and Jennifer Luce (renovation, 2005).

Join Nissan for a one-hour walking tour with David and a special guest Bruce Campbell, one of the founding members and retired VP of NDA.

Learn how Nissan came to choose the location for its first design studio overseas and the philosophy behind the facility design - a unique collaborative space with a California approach for Nissan designers.

Participation is limited to 20 guests who must be 18 years or older. The tour cannot be offered to anyone working for a direct competitor of Nissan/INFINITI.

About the host

David Woodhouse, Vice President, Nissan Design America (NDA)

David Woodhouse is Vice President, Nissan Design America (NDA), responsible for leading all Nissan and INFINITI design activities in North America since 2019. David is an award-winning designer with expertise in total vehicle concept innovation, brand, strategy and team building, and has a great passion for automotive design. Growing up around his parent’s automotive business, David attended art school, studied industrial design and later graduated from the Royal College of Art in the UK. His automotive experience extends 30 years. In addition to Nissan and INFINITI, David’s work spans nearly 20 brands, including - Lincoln, Ford, Cadillac, Mini, Range Rover and BMW.