Studio Tours
Place in the Sun: Design and the Desert Landscape

  • What this is

    Studio Tours give a look inside the studios of public artists and designers around San Diego and Tijuana.

  • When & Where

    • Sep 24: 10am-2pm

    5319 Ogden St. San Diego, CA 92105
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    Craft, Landscape, Technology, Photography
Studio Tours
Place in the Sun: Design and the Desert Landscape

Visit Scott B. Davis’ City Heights studio and discover one-of-a-kind photographic works while seeing some of the world’s largest wooden cameras in use today. Davis’ photographs merge nineteenth technology with a twenty-first century aesthetic, transforming his affinity for the desert landscape with a mastery of rare photographic processes. Visitors will view photographic works in progress, browse his 2021 Radius Books monograph, and discover 100 year old books and ephemera that have shaped his work with photography and design.

Inspired by the California Light and Space Movement, Davis pioneered unorthodox darkroom techniques that will be demonstrated during one hour studio visits. This event is free and includes access to a landscape designed desert garden covering a quarter acre, in addition to a rooftop deck with views across San Diego county.

The tour will take place in one-hour time slots of ten people each slot.

About the host

Scott B. Davis

San Diego artist Scott B. Davis has been involved in photography for more than 30 years, working for renowned museums and supporting the careers of others through Medium Photo, a San Diego based non-profit he founded in 2012. His quietly radical recordings of desert landscapes beckon close looking, drawing viewers into uncharted creative expression. Davis is among a handful of master printers in the US using the nineteenth century platinum/palladium process.