Design Talks
Genesis of Change: Environmental Design and the Challenge to Our Coastal Lands

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    Conversations that highlight how design shapes the region, with opportunities to learn from designers firsthand.

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    • Sep 24: 1pm

    San Diego Central Library 330 Park Blvd.
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    Architecture, Landscape, Sustainability, Technology, Urban, Research, Education
Design Talks
Genesis of Change: Environmental Design and the Challenge to Our Coastal Lands

The Library Foundation SD is hosting a moderated panel discussion about the impact of climate change on our coastal lands and the environmental design challenges our region faces. Confirmed speakers include Kim McCoy, author of the definitive work on the subject: ‘Waves and Beaches: The Powerful Dynamics of Sea and Coast’, Serge Didina, Ph. D., CEO of Wildcoast and Mayor of Imperial Beach and MacKenzie Elmer, environmental reporter for Voice of San Diego to moderate.

About the hosts

The Library Foundation

The Library Foundation supports library efforts to help San Diegans learn new skills, pursue lifelong ambitions, and achieve a better life with the help of dedicated staff, committed volunteers, and generous donors and partners.

Kim McCoy

Kim McCoy is an oceanographer and adventurer who has been seduced by beaches and observed waves on all seven continents. His ocean research began with surf zone wave dynamics and continues today with the coastal effects of climate change. McCoy received the Scientific Achievement Award in 2018 for his work as a Principal Scientist with NATO in Italy. In March of 2021 McCoy published a beautifully revised edition of the classic work in the field, Willard Bascom’s Waves and Beaches.

Serge Dedina

Serge Dedina, Ph.D is the Executive Director of WILDCOAST, an international conservation team that conserves coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife and addresses climate change through natural solutions. He is also serving his second term as Mayor of Imperial Beach, CA, his hometown. Serge’s coastal protection and climate change work has been reported on by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, 60 Minutes, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, Chicago Tribune, National Public Radio, and the San Diego Union Tribune.

MacKenzie Elmer

MacKenzie Elmer is the Environment and Energy reporter for Voice of San Diego. She’s reported on coastal erosion issues in the North County and has extensively covered the impacts of pollution and contamination in the Tijuana River Estuary.