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I’m no Guggenheim: How a novice designed an art collection and you can too!

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Design Talks
I’m no Guggenheim: How a novice designed an art collection and you can too!

Art shouldn’t be confined to a museum or your Instagram feed. Anyone who wants to be inspired by beauty in their own home can collect and live with art – but designing an art collection takes well-defined inspiration, personal curation, and a cultivated plan.

I’m No Guggenheim How a Novice Designed an Art Collection /// San Diego Design Week 2022

Join Jennifer Findley of JFiN Collective as she shares how she was inspired to create an Op-Art collection consisting of a diverse group of international artists and reimagined a home designed by La Jolla architect, Dale Naegle, for the art to live in.

About the host

Jennifer Findley of JFiN Collective

Jennifer Findley is an avid Op-Art collector. At the JFiN Collective, she advises and consults with new and established collectors to help facilitate, develop, grow, and maintain their personal art collections. Although not formally trained in art curation – Jennifer was a trademark and copyright litigator – through her own collecting journey she has learned the ins and outs of curated collections and developed strong relationships with prominent galleries and auctions houses around the globe. Jennifer works with clients to create a defined aesthetic and identify at what level and for what purpose they are collecting, whether it be for enjoyment, investment, or both. She believes any art lover can design an art collection and should!