Design Talks
Shaping a Beautiful Business (and Life)

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    Conversations that highlight how design shapes the region, with opportunities to learn from designers firsthand.

  • When & Where

    • Sep 23: 5pm

    2150 W Washington St #112, San Diego, CA 92110
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    Experience, Graphic, Product, Research, Sustainability, Technology, Urban, Industrial, Interior
Design Talks
Shaping a Beautiful Business (and Life)

The most valuable things in today’s economy are not things at all they are experiences. The experiences you have when you’re buying a new car, a new computer, or pasta sauce are about how the purchase makes you feel. Beautiful businesses transcend mere transactions and create transformational experiences.

Listen to a hybrid talk by Steven Morris with two creative business leaders, Stacey Edelstein (Raygun)and Angela Noble (Noble Intent Studio), based on principles from his recent book The Beautiful Business, as he shows attendees what beautiful businesses do and how to create a business that’s unignorable.

Who’s it for?

This interactive experience is for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to:

• Live and work in integrity through their personal and professional values.

• Realize greater clarity in what their business and life potential is and can be.

• Understand how to shape your business, so it works for your lifestyle (and vice versa).

• Reclaim vitality in your work, business, and life.

The ticket includes a signed hard-cover copy of The Beautiful Business: An Actionable Manifesto to Create an Unignorable Business with Love at the Core (Conscious Capitalism Press).

About the host

Steven Morris

Steven Morris helps business leaders build unignorable brands, cultures, and businesses through his work as an advisor, author, and speaker. He has worked with business leaders from Samsung, Sony, Habitat for Humanity, Amazon, International Trademark Association, NFL, MLB, and over 250 other brands. Over his 27 years as an entrepreneur, he’s served more than 3,000 global business leaders.

When he is not supporting leaders in building beautiful brands, cultures, and businesses, Steven explores his wholehearted participation with life as an artist, surfer, motorcyclist, and beekeeper.