Cristina Godinez

Aug 16, 2022

Meet SDDW Program Director, Cristina Godinez

Can you share about yourself and your work?

I was born in Tijuana and raised in Chula Vista. For the majority of my career, I’ve been involved in non-profit work. I’ve always been passionate about sharing art with others, and have even done some art-making of my own. Growing up in the area, I’d visited Mingei International Museum a few times, both personally, and also took students to visit the museum as a teacher. When I heard Mingei had a job opening I hopped on the opportunity and haven’t looked back. My current roles at Mingei are Community & Corporate Liaison and SDDW Program Director.

When I’m not working on SDDW, I work with under-resourced arts and culture nonprofits that are serving the many communities here in San Diego. I ensure that Mingei welcomes them into the museum’s spaces for program use of their own.

Mingei is the presenter for SDDW - what does that mean to you?

For the third consecutive year, Mingei is presenting SDDW and I am thrilled to share its focus on folk art, craft, and design and its connection to the local community in this bi-national region. The doors have been opened for designers of all levels of experience to join in on this five-day celebration of design. To me, this means that people will learn more about the Museum and its relationship to design as well as connect with talented individuals interested in finding opportunities to share what makes our San Diego and Tijuana region innovative and inspiring.

Where do you find inspiration?

For me, inspiration comes from people. The stories they tell me when I meet them at the Museum, out in the community or through SDDW. By just talking and listening to others, I’ve learned there are an infinite number of ways for people to find their passion and I am forever encouraged by the resiliency and ingenuity of the creatives around me.

Why do you believe SDDW is important to our region?

First and foremost, SDDW spotlights the creative talent in both Tijuana and San Diego. We’re so lucky to be in a unique location where transborder collaboration can happen and SDDW is the spark for those opportunities. It’s truly important to me that we’re amplifying the stories from people living in this region with the thousands of visitors from around the country and from around the world.

More About Cristina

What was the last book you read?

Museums as Agents of Change: A Guide to Becoming a Changemaker by Mike Murawski

Do you prefer tea or coffee?

CRAFT CAFE’s drink, Change, is one of my favorites! It’s butterfly flower lemonade.

Who’s your favorite artist, designer, or craftsperson?

I’m immensely inspired by these local talents: Thao Huynh French and Claudia Biezunski-Rodríguez

What’s your favorite local spot to grab a bite to eat?

Original Pancake House off of Convoy

What advice would you give your young self?

Don’t judge yourself in comparison to others. Instead, judge yourself against what you know you’re capable of.