David Traina

Sep 09, 2022

Get to know David Traina, Founder of local branding firm Traina and SDDW Creative Sponsor

Can you share about yourself and Traina?

I was born and raised in Georgia, trained and educated in Utah, and refined in Seattle. I moved to San Diego in 2005 and launched the business that same year with a small division of Microsoft as our first client. Today Traina is an independent creative agency known for building and working with “brands that move”.

Where do you find inspiration?

I’m inspired by the amazing stories of other creative professionals and how they are making a positive impact in our community and our world. I love attending Creative Space at the Mingei each month and hearing muralists, chefs, architects, urban designers, and others share their stories.

What drew you to SDDW and why did you decide to be a sponsor?

Traina is committed to playing an active role in San Diego, adding our voice and resources to the effort to strengthen our creative community at all levels. SDDW is the ideal platform to engage and inspire.

What SDDW events are you looking forward to attending?

That’s an easy one — Traina’s “What Moves You” conference on Friday 9/23. But also any events that showcase great creative thinking and work.

More About David

Favorite brand(s)

Today’s faves: Taylor Guitars. Brooklyn Brewery. Patagonia. Red Bull. NASA.

Last book you read or a book you recommend?

The Wave by Susan Casey

Coffee or tea?

Nope. Coke Zero.

Favorite artist, designer, or craftsperson?

Historically, I’m a big Frank Lloyd Wright fan. But more recently some of my faves are right here in San Diego: Celeste Byers, Chris Konecki, Yomar Augusto, Channin Fulton, Erwin Hines, Phil Esteban, Andrew Mallick, Jennifer Luce, and so many more.

Favorite local spot to grab a bite to eat?

Java Earth Cafe

What advice would you give your young self?

Don’t doubt yourself or your instincts. And start surfing ASAP.

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